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Lippoldshausen & history

With its picturesque surroundings and well-developed network of paths, Lippoldshausen is ideal for hiking and cycling tours of all kinds. Furthermore, the beautiful river valleys of the Werra, Fulda and Weser with their good cycle paths invite you to take extended or shorter tours.

Take the time to get to know the picturesque village of Lippoldshausen, which has often successfully taken part in the competition "Our village shall become more beautiful".

In addition to the Romanesque church with its frescoes from 1444 (Jesus' cloister) in the fortified tower, the redesigned historic churchyard with the old school, the picturesque half-timbered houses, the old community baking oven, and the historic streets "Kesselbach" and "Im Graben" invite you to linger. You can also explore the remains of the Lippoldsburg or Brackenburg castles.

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History of the inn

Where once sugar, vinegar and beer waited in jugs for customers, today guests from near and far are served: the country inn Zur Brücke in Lippoldshausen turned one hundred in 2007.

When Berta and Hermann Bürmann took over the old grocery store in 1907 and started serving beer, no one would have thought that the business would still be in family hands 100 years later. And probably no one would have thought that the small pub would develop into a country inn known far beyond the borders of the region.

It didn't look like that in 1907 either: The grocery store was only a sideline, the Bürmanns' main occupation was farming. The grocery store was soon closed, but the beer business continued: the barley juice was not only sold in large mugs to take away, but also served directly to the guests. A dance hall and a bowling alley were built and small rooms with seats were created in the inn: Serving was done when guests were there - and the work situation in agriculture allowed it.

The post-war years brought an upswing. In 1954, the large dance hall was rebuilt and enlarged: The fair was held there, the sports club held its gymnastics classes there and the amateur dramatics group also rehearsed in the hall. The founders' son ran the inn until the early 1970s. His sister-in-law realised that the future belonged to gastronomy and not to agriculture. In 1970, therefore, the house was fundamentally rebuilt: The farmhouse with five guest rooms was transformed into a modern inn with cosy rooms.

The inn was reopened on 28 November 1970. The decision to rebuild proved to be the right one, because the 1970s were the golden years of the summer visitors: they came from Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover to take a break from the big city air and spend their "holidays in the countryside" with the Mühlhausens in Lippoldshausen. An atmosphere like on the Immenhof: the guests were driven through the fields on the trailer of the tractor, they were allowed to watch milking in the barn and on the sunbathing lawn at the edge of the village there was regular squabbling over the best place to lie down. In 1977, Christine and Hartwig Mühlhausen took over the inn and in the following years developed it into a modern country inn that met the growing demands.

However, tourism in Lippoldshausen came to a standstill during the 1980s due to the construction of the new ICE railway line, and the construction site dominated the image of Lippoldshausen for years. Summer visitors moved out of the "Zur Brücke" inn and surveyors and construction workers moved in.

At the end of the 1980s, the inn was rebuilt: New guest rooms were created on the upper floor of the barn passage, the hall was thus connected to the actual inn and thoroughly renovated.

Farming still went on as a sideline: although the cows had already been abolished in the 1970s, numerous pigs were fattened and processed into fine meat and sausage products in the winter months. It was not unusual for Hartwig Mühlhausen, now the senior boss, to sit on the tractor during the day and stand at the counter in the evening. When the construction workers left, the guest rooms were adapted to the increased demands of the guests, renovated and equipped with shower and toilet.

A lot has happened in the past 100 years: Since 2004, the inn has been run in the fourth generation by chef Katja Weitemeyer. She continues to be supported by her parents, Christine and Hartwig Mühlhausen. Guests appreciate the good home-style cooking, the friendly service and the ambience.

The inner courtyard has become a beer garden and the large, country-style dance hall with its seating for up to 200 and large stage is known far and wide: Weddings, anniversaries, family celebrations and other festivities find a suitable setting there.

Today, after further alterations in 2008, 2011 and 2020 and constant renovations, 15 modern single, double and three- and four-bed rooms are available to guests in the country inn "Zur Brücke". Especially motorcyclists, bicycle tourists - the inn has been awarded as a bicycle-friendly establishment - and water sports enthusiasts use the inn as accommodation.

The guest rooms in the main house, which can accommodate up to 100 people, became nationally known in 2003. NDR Landpartie presenter Heike Götz visited the Mühlhausen family, helped feed the pigs and conjured up a Landpartie plate together with Katja Weitemeyer.